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Operational simplicity, professional personnel and punctual shipment: these are the reasons why, every year, thousands of containers sent by Intership S.p.A. arrive where they need to, all over the world.
Every year, Intership S.p.A ships thousands of containers which reach their ports of destination with extreme precision, safety and punctuality.
Sea freight is the ideal solution for large loads and long distances, such as those connecting Italy to China and the Far East, the Middle East, Australia or America. As well as our precision and punctuality, Intership S.p.A. pays great attention to safety and to dealing with the customs practices required for shipments so as to guarantee that their journey is safely completed within the specified timeframe
Intership handles this and all other details directly – the Tuscan company tracks every package or consignment it ships along the entire route to ensure it arrives safely at its destination, giving our customers the reliability of a dedicated courier service.