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Intership Big partner, small world
Operational simplicity, professional personnel and punctual shipment: these are the reasons why, every year, thousands of containers sent by Intership S.p.A. arrive where they need to, all over the world.
Intership S.p.A. is a company specialised in worldwide shipping. Whether by sea, air, rail or road, Intership is able to plan and coordinate simple and transparent operations, foreseeing most problems and resolving others as soon as they occur.

Added to this is our attention to safety and expertise in all required customs procedures, ensuring shipments comply with applicable legislation and are dealt with in the agreed timeframes. All this makes Intership S.p.A. your ideal partner for transporting your goods to every corner of the world.
Founded in 1979 in Carrara, Tuscany, over the years the company has created important partnership with logistics firms with knowledge and experience in different areas of the world, from the Middle East to China and the Far East, from Australia to the Americas.
In over 35 years of activity, Intership S.p.A. has managed to progressively open itself up to the international markets, and now occupies a select position in the global shipping sector. Despite this, the company has never lost its local outlook – Intership tracks every package or consignment it ships along the whole route to ensure it arrives at its destination, giving our customers the reliability of a dedicated courier service.
    Intership S.p.A. has a large warehouse at its headquarters in Carrara, Tuscany, strategically located between the port of Marina di Carrara and major motorways.
    Intership S.p.A. is able to handle all kinds of merchandise, even dangerous goods, applying all applicable legislation and safety procedures
    The primary mission of Intership S.p.A. is to transform complex operations into simple and reliable procedures.