Simplifying complex operations while at the same time preventing problems before they occur: this is the primary mission of Intership S.p.A., the Tuscan shipping company with 35 years of experience in getting your containers safely to their destination, all over the world.
Intership S.p.A. is a company based in Carrara, Tuscany (Italy), which organises shipments all over the world. The company was founded in 1979 by 3 partners – Mario Bernabè, Francesco Edera and Franco Olmi, who are still the administrators to this day – and right from the outset specialised in transporting goods from Italy and abroad to Italy and every other country around the world.

With a skilled workforce, including office workers, goods handlers and drivers, and its own vehicle fleet and warehouse, Intership S.p.A. has grown over the years and now holds a privileged position in the foreign markets, working above all with and for customers from Saudi Arabia, China, the Middle East and America.


The primary mission of Intership S.p.A. is to simplify complex operations requiring a high level of organisation.

Whether for sea, air, rail or road shipments, Intership is able to manage every stage of the shipment, from choosing the necessary type of transport alongside the customer right through to final delivery of the goods. We guarantee simple and secure procedures, anticipating most problems and resolving others as soon as they occur. The simplicity of our operations, combined with the incredible competence and professionalism of our staff and the rigorous punctuality of our shipments, represents the company's key strength, allowing it to guarantee shipments from any port to any port. Thorough knowledge of negotiation and banking practice allows us to carefully and thoroughly prepare the necessary documents and guarantee our customers precise negotiation of letters of credit.