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Operational simplicity, professional personnel and punctual shipment: these are the reasons why, every year, thousands of containers sent by Intership S.p.A. arrive where they need to, all over the world.
Intership S.p.A. is a company specialised in shipping goods all over the world and is able to handle all kinds of merchandise, from ordinary goods to outsize or dangerous shipments. Over more than 35 years in the sector, the Tuscan company has also developed an efficient air freight service to guarantee fast, on-time shipment in which professionalism and safety come first.
And that's not all: Intership S.p.A. is also able to rely on a large network of partnerships with major international operators, allowing us to offer safe and efficient services to every corner of the globe.
If you decide to choose an air freight shipment, Intership will take care of everything – insurance cover, customs procedures and tracking – all to ensure your goods reach their destination in the required timeframe. Because for Intership S.p.A., precision and reliability come first.