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  • oversized shipments
Operational simplicity, professional personnel and punctual shipment: these are the reasons why, every year, thousands of containers sent by Intership S.p.A. arrive where they need to, all over the world.
Intership S.p.A. is also able to organise, plan and manage oversized shipments. Oversized loads are known as such as they exceed the dimensions or mass laid out in applicable transport legislation.
Optimum organisation and management of oversized load shipments first and foremost requires expertise and knowledge of the topic, followed by attention to detail and professionalism by those involved in the operations, all necessary to guarantee a precise, timely and safe delivery.
Intership's nearly four decades of experience means the company has full control of all operations, from obtaining permits and organising the escorts, planning the routes (by air, sea or land), through to the delivery times. The results, as always, are what our customers have come to expect: professionalism and transparency, simplified operations, and precise and flawless service.